What I’ve been up to:

1) enjoying the beautiful weather.  Seriously, I don’t think we’ve had rain in over a month and from what I hear that’s very rare in these parts.  So I’m just trying to soak up as much sun as possible in anticipation of what I’m sure will be a long and rainy fall/winter/spring.  It’s supposed to rain this week but fingers crossed that it won’t last long.   

2) baking.  I made cookies last week and now I’m dog-earring all of my cookbooks and trying to figure out if baking 2+ times a week is a bit excessive.  I made two dozen chocolate-chip cookies five days ago and they are almost gone.  Between those and the Magnum bars we’ve become obsessed with, I think it’s safe to say this house is full of sweets.

3) looking forward to summer travel!  We’ve got a very special wedding in Big Sur coming up and then we’re off to MAUI!  The Maui part is a recent development and will involve a lot of bobbing in the ocean, eating, reading, and napping.  It will not involve snorkeling as I have a major fish phobia.  Go ahead and judge if you want.

4) reading reading reading.  I’m very into Karen Russell at the moment.  Almost finished with this book (probably be posting a review at some point) and I’ll be moving on to Vampires in the Lemon Grove shortly.  Looking for some easy beach reads for my trip.  Any suggestions?

5) enjoying the fireworks.  I thought the US was pyrotechnics obsessed, but Canada may have us beat.  This week is the Celebration of Light, which is apparently the biggest offshore fireworks competition in the world.  Three countries are competing: the UK, Canada, and Thailand.  Saturday was UK night and it was James Bond-themed.  Think glittery fireworks set to Adele’s “Skyfall.”  So awesome.


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