What to Wear? Napa Valley Wedding

My friend is getting married next month in gorgeous Napa Valley.  This means I get to take another trip to California (yay!) and also that I need a new dress for the occasion.  I’ve been scouring the Internet for pretty frocks and I definitely know that I want something in a print.  There are just so many fun options!  But which to choose?  Here are a few of my favorites:



1. J. Crew Arabelle Dress in Hummingbird Floral Print  2. J. Crew Frances Dress in Watercolor Floral  3. Ruche Le Peintre Printed Dress  4. Anthropologie Rose Bramble Sundress  5. Anthropologie Elizabeth Zebra Dress  6. Ruche Mikayla Floral Dress

I’m kind of obsessed with the zebra print, but I love the colorful floral prints, too.  Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “What to Wear? Napa Valley Wedding

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