It’s Growing on Me

Vancouver doesn’t feel like home yet.  The last time I was on an airplane headed to Vancouver, the girl next to me asked if I was headed home and I think it freaked her out that it took so long for me to answer.  We then had an awkward conversation in which I mumbled something about how I’m from LA and was just home visiting family but I’m living in Canada so yes, I suppose I’m going home but it didn’t feel like it.

She didn’t really want to chat after that.  Note to self: do not overshare with strangers.

I’ve been here almost two months at this point and while I still don’t feel quite at home, I am appreciating more things about Vancouver.  When you tell people you’re moving here, the only thing they really have to say is that it’s absolutely beautiful.  During the height of my unhappiness about the move, I wanted to punch people in the face every time I heard it.  Just because a place is beautiful doesn’t necessarily make it worth giving up your entire support system/job/warm weather, etc.  I still miss the warm climate I left behind, but surroundings like this almost make up for it:



This weekend, we took our first trip to Horseshoe Bay.  It’s just a half hour outside of Downtown but it feels worlds away.  We enjoyed strolling along the waterfront, taking pictures of the ferry and the gorgeous landscape, and munching on fish & chips.  It was nice to get away from our neighborhood and experience a change of scenery.  We took a drive to Shannon Falls after lunch and just kind of marveled at everything around us.


I’m not sure if British Columbia will ever feel like home, but it’s growing on me.


One thought on “It’s Growing on Me

  1. Haha — although I know it was awkward, I still enjoyed your airplane story… haha.

    Those pictures are very beautiful, but you’re right — beauty is only one portion of a place. So much more goes into it. Maybe over time you’ll wake up one day and be surprised that it feels like home?

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