Weekend Update v. 1

Time is a funny thing here.  Sometimes I feel like each day is 1,000 hours long instead of just 24.  That’s what happens when you don’t have much structure to your week, I guess.  I feel like I’ve been in Canada for months, but it’s only been six weeks.  Weekends, however, go by in a flash.  This seems to be a universal truth no matter what’s happening in your life.

This weekend was a mixed bag.  We finally ordered our couch and I’m hoping it will get here in the next week.  Seriously, living with one piece of living room furniture is getting old.  We tried this restaurant after having been to it’s fancier sister in February.  So good!  You should order the lentil, paneer and chick pea samosas with cilantro-jalapeno chutney, like, immediately.

Sunday was a hard day for me because it was the first Mother’s Day I haven’t spent with my mom in quite a while.  After an emotional meltdown (it wasn’t pretty), we headed downtown for brunch where I ate my feelings in the form of a plate of huevos rancheros and then visited Granville Island Public Market to pick up some groceries for the week.  It’s a zoo on weekends, but I’m glad we braved the crowds.  Side note: I’ve found that chicken costs WAY more here than it does in the US.  I know I may sound like an old lady, but $15 a pound for chicken breast seems kind of insane to me.  Ok, a lot insane.  But it was slightly cheaper at the public market and lots fresher.  Yes, I’ve become that person who gets excited about saving on poultry.  I’m this close to extreme couponing.

In other news, is anyone else loving Mad Men this season?  I haven’t been that into it over the past couple years, but it’s hooked me in again.  Joan’s speech to Don last week was pretty much the best thing ever.  I won’t post anything else about it here (I hate spoilers as much as the next gal), but I just wanted to reach through the TV and give her a high five.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update v. 1

  1. I hear ya on the furniture front – my boyfriend and I went quite a few months before we finally started accumulating furniture. When we finally got (and by “got” I really mean grabbed off a curb) a coffee table, my life felt complete.

    • We still need a coffee table. A kitchen table would be nice, too. And a rug. And some lamps. And maybe someone to just come over and organize my life. Is that asking too much?

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