Couch Potato

We don’t have a couch.  Or a coffee table, for that matter.  We decided to donate those things to Habitat for Humanity before leaving Los Angeles.  After six years of complaining about our Ikea couch and the hand-me-down coffee table my parents were anxious to pawn off on me, we decided to use this move as an opportunity to start fresh. Good idea in theory, but now our living room is looking a little sparse to say the least.  We’ve been eating our meals on the one chair and ottoman we own, using a cardboard box as a table.

Very glamorous.

In order to remedy said predicament, we ventured to Granville Street to check out the many furniture shops.  I had forgotten how expensive furniture is!  But I have been dreaming of a sectional forever (you know you’re an adult when the word “sectional” makes it onto your must-have list) and both J and I agree that spending a little extra on a couch would totally be worth it considering the amount of time we’ll spend on it.  After checking out Urban Barn and EQ3 (two stores I’d never encountered in the states), I think we’ve found a winner!


Yay!  We still need to place the order and it will be 4-5 weeks before it’s sitting in our living room, but I’m willing to wait.  I love how mid-century modern it looks without feeling dated.  Seriously, EQ3 is awesome.  Based in Winnipeg, their selection is kind of like what you’d find at CB2 (moden and clean) but their pieces strike me as a bit more functional.  I’m kind of in love with most of their furniture (if we needed a new bed, I’d be all over this).

We may be sharing one chair and eating off of boxes for a bit longer, but I think it will be worth it (though this coffee table could solve one of those problems sooner rather than later).