Tough Times

Moving has been tough, I’m not gonna lie.  I think what has made everything a little more difficult is the fact that Canada is just different enough from the US to make things frustrating.  I decided to learn Italian my first year of college after seven years of Spanish and I feel like my introduction to this new place is just like my experience in Italian class: I think I know the rules and how things should be done, but I’m only right 75% of the time.  Since I am a perfectionist, anything less than 100% makes me feel like a failure.

Case in point: driving in Vancouver.  From getting used to km/h vs. mph to blinking green lights at every intersection, I feel like I’m a teen driver all over again.  I’m timid and overly cautious and I feel like I’m going to either get pulled over or hit by oncoming traffic at any point.  So basically I have been avoiding the car at all costs and am kind of terrified whenever I get behind the wheel.  I know I’m being crazy and need to just get on with things, but finding myself out of my comfort zone is making me more anxious than usual.

Another thing I’m having a hard time adjusting to: the rain.  I come from a very warm climate and basically wear the same things all year round.  I don’t have much in the way of waterproof clothing, so I’m pretty much always in a state of damp.  I have a cute pair of rain boots but it never occurs to me to wear them.  Nothing is worse than wet feet 😦

There are a bunch of other little things that I could list here, but I think writing them out would just send me into a tailspin of annoyance.  And that’s not productive, especially since I’m going to have to get on board with the way this place works for at least a year.  I refuse to be that American who expects all places to be like home.


I miss it.

But the sun seems to be shining through the clouds for the first time this afternoon.  If I stand outside and soak it in I can almost pretend I’m there.


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